What are Omega-3s for When You’re a Sportsman?

We’ve all heard about it, but maybe few people really know what Omega 3s are for. Also known as “good fats”, Omega 3 are essential polyunsaturated fatty acids and are very useful for keeping our heart and blood vessels healthy. The human body is not able to produce Omega 3 itself, which is why we must acquire them by eating foods that contain them or by taking supplements.

What is Omega 3 For and Why it is Good for you?

The Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) if taken in sufficient quantities help to support the health of our heart and our blood vessels, also help to maintain a normal level of triglycerides in the blood that if present in excessive quantities can lead to diseases such as diabetes mellitus, viral hepatitis, fatty liver, etc.. Taking Omega 3 can also help us maintain good vision, as it is an important nutrient for the eyes because it contributes to the transmission of light impulses to the brain.

What is the Use of Omega 3 in Sport?

Regular intake of Omega 3 can have a positive effect on sportspersons. This is the conclusion reached by some researchers of the University of Siena after having carried out a test on a group of athletes. The study showed that athletes who had been taking fish oil for 35 days during the sports tests were quicker than their teammates who had not taken Omega 3. According to the researchers, fatty acids help to improve sports performance by giving the body more energy and reducing the feeling of fatigue.

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What are Omega 3’s For and in Which Foods They are Found?

Omega-3s are found in a variety of foods, but most importantly:

  • in flaxseed;
  • in the seeds of chia;
  • in nuts like nuts;
  • in fish oil and fish, especially those from cold seas such as salmon, blue fish, cod, sardines, tuna, swordfish.

It is clear that to take the exact amount of Omega 3 that our body needs, we must follow a properly balanced diet. If you experience absorption problems you must increase the amount of nutrients or you may need to resort to supplements that contain concentrates of Omega 3. A delicious way to take Omega 3 could be to eat sushi!