How to Put Muscle Mass: Tips for Fitness Lovers

Those who start going to the gym with the aim of increasing muscle mass would like to see results in the short term, but to develop the muscles you need commitment, perseverance and patience. In this article we will explain how to put muscle mass, what are the most effective exercises and techniques. In fact, by following the right training, anyone can get to have a sculpted physique.

Some Useful Advice to Follow to Achieve Your Goals

Taking Care of the Power Supply

Following a proper diet is essential to achieve specific goals. It doesn’t matter what level of training you are at: if you want to increase your muscle mass, you need to provide your body with sufficient protein. A convenient and practical way to take them is to drink protein shakes. To get your day off to a good start, you can also have breakfast by making yourself some protein pancakes or eating crispy muesli. If you need it and on the advice of specialists, take supplements ad hoc.

Choose the Right Workout

The exercises that allow you to put on muscle mass are functional movements to be performed in sequences, focusing on large muscle groups. Squats, bench presses and weightlifting are examples of exercises. This type of training not only increases muscle mass, but also stimulates coordination skills.

Gradually Increasing the Difficulty of the Exercises

To define the correct session of exercises to be performed, according to your body and your level of ability, it is advisable to contact a personal trainer who can prepare for you a personalized training card, with a degree of progressive difficulty until you reach your goals. Training to increase muscle mass requires constant progression and an increase in the weights used so as to bring the muscles to their limits to stimulate them and adapt to the effort required. The muscles will then begin to react better to the effort required for the next training session.

Continuous Training

To achieve results, effort and patience are needed above all. Although many people are discouraged because they do not see results in the short term, it is good to know that each of us is able to define a quality muscle mass, always on condition that he follows the right training and a diet capable of supporting performance.

How to Put Muscle Mass With High Intensity Techniques

High-intensity techniques are useful for increasing muscle mass. In fact, as you go on with the training, the progress in increasing muscle mass is less visible That’s why, when you get to a stage of stagnation, you have to give the muscles new stimuli. Intensity techniques can be integrated into the training program to vary the routine and achieve new results. Here are some examples:

  1. Perform intense repetitions until the muscles are exhausted. When it comes to not being able to do it by yourself, another person helps to do three or four more repetitions.
  2. Perform stripping series. The training goes on until the muscles fail, then you reduce the weight and restart again. They can be squats with weights or barbell lifting.
  3. Negative repetitions. Ask another person for help with the push or pull phase and perform the return movement yourself. On the bench press the partner can help in the pushing phase until the arms are extended with the rocker arm, while the return phase is carried out independently.
  4. The super series. You perform two exercises in a row without pausing by combining antagonistic muscle groups or even a single area.