How to Promote a Gym on Social Networks

The advent of social networks has brought about profound changes in the way of communicating: it was a real revolution that involved not only private users, but also companies. These channels now offer many opportunities to raise awareness of products, services and the brands themselves, thus becoming a great way to get in touch with potential customers. The speech applies to any type of activity, but in this article we will focus on how to promote an online gym using social media.

To advertise your club you probably used various channels such as posters, leafleting, sms. But these advertising media have become obsolete: the investment is not equal to the return, since they are aimed at an undifferentiated audience. If you want to maximize the results of an advertising campaign, you must send a specific message to a well-defined audience, that is, one that might be really interested in enrolling at your gym.

How Important is the Presence on Social Networks?

We know that many customers register at the gym through word of mouth. If in the past this was only done by voice, now it is also virtual. On social networks users discuss, exchange information, can even talk about your gym even if you’re not there. The best thing, then, is to know the opinions of users. In case of negative comments, you can intervene by moderating the discussion or offering your point of view (always in a polite and polite way); in case of positive comments, you can have the confirmation of having activated a good course or a good service. That’s why among the various marketing strategies for the gym there is the presence on social networks with an official page of the gym, a reference point for your members who in this way can have real-time useful information from you and is also a good way to make you known to potential customers.

On social networks you can also:

  • branding to make your brand known;
  • loyalize your customers by creating communities;
  • acquire new customers with advertising campaigns.

If that’s not enough, signing up for social networks is free. So why not?

How to Promote a Gym on Various Social Networks

To get a positive feedback you need to understand how to promote a gym on various social networks. The best ones are the more general ones, that is they address to a horizontal audience. Let’s talk about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, which are the most viewed sites after Google. Each of these has its own characteristics that it is good to know and respect to make the most of its potential.

  1. Facebook is the social with the largest number of users. Here’s how to promote a gym on its platform:
  • create a fan page, your official page, and update it frequently;
  • write short posts with images or videos;
  • Interact with fans by asking questions or intervening in discussions;
  • always respond to published posts;
  • monitor the progress of posts using the Facebook Insight function.
  1. On Twitter you can write posts up to 140 characters long. So you have to be incisive, but effective, going straight to the point. Better avoid conventional posts and be more friendly. To reach potentially interested followers, you can use hashtags, which are also an excellent tool for promoting events or promotions.
  2. Instagram (but also Pinterest and YouTube) is an image-based social media tool that is becoming more and more popular. It is the right way to advertise your gym: post nice pictures of your club, play with colors, share on your page the photos of users who take selfie while they train in your gym. A well-kept design will attract many customers. Images and videos are easily understandable and spread more quickly on the web involving more users.

No to Trivialities

Every time you publish a post on a social network, avoid trivial and repetitive messages. The effect, otherwise, could be to get a-follow, i.e. users who stop following your page. Your audience wants to know about promotions and offers, get information about courses and more.

Involve the User With Interesting Content

He is also interested in learning about the atmosphere in your gym, looking at the photos of registered users and wants to learn about the instructors and activities through videos. Use the images also to present new types of training. In short, make them curious. And from time to time, write something nice: the power of a smile is too often underestimated.

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