How to Advertise a gym? Advice for Managers

Have you opened a beautiful and functional structure, where trained and competent instructors work? Now is the right time to make your business known because only in this way you can increase the number of users. If your gym is visible from the street, the inhabitants of the neighborhood will probably know about its opening. But remember: your goal is to expand the catchment area and therefore your earnings. In this article we will explain you how to advertise a gym, choosing the right campaign, and how to structure an effective message to attract the attention of potential customers.

Target the Right Target Group

To learn how to advertise a gym, start by defining your target customers. Each type of customer has a different level of awareness of their need to activate a gym membership and will pay a different kind of attention to your message and the service you offer. We can therefore distinguish between customers in:

  1. Potential customers. They represent most of the people potentially interested in the service you offer and in the economic possibility of buying it. But they don’t know your gym, they don’t know which courses you organize and maybe they have never even done sport. Their priorities do not include a gym membership, at least until they are told that they actually need it.
  2. Interested people are those who have responded to an advertising message, asking for information. They were, yes, attracted by the message, but have not concluded the subscription. They usually took the action you requested. For example, they subscribed to your newsletter, filled out a form, downloaded a guide, presented a trial coupon, but did not finalize the purchase.
  3. Lost customers are those who have decided not to renew their subscription.
  4. Customers close to purchase are those who have heard about the gym from a registered friend and that you can contact for a free trial.
  5. Buyers are people who have purchased a subscription, but have yet to renew it and can therefore not be considered regular customers.
  6. The real customers are those who have already renewed a subscription and have repeatedly expressed satisfaction with the service that your gym offers.
  7. Fans are the acquired customers, the most loyal ones who, speaking, advertise outside.

It is clear that these categories present different sales difficulties. Potential customers, for example, are the most difficult to convince to subscribe.

Choose the Right Advertising Strategy

If you want to avoid wasting time and money on a wrong advertising campaign you have to choose the right medium to convey your message. Flyers and billboards, in 90% of cases, are ineffective. People are so bombarded by general marketing that they are indifferent to this type of advertising and with a randomly distributed flyer you will hardly be able to hit your target audience.

Through this medium, the only thing you can do to attract customers is advertise a price promotion or a list of courses you have. But in this way you don’t explain what makes you different from your competitors and you don’t even make people understand why they need to register in the gym. Of the few people potentially interested, then, how many will conclude the subscription? The risk is that such a campaign will cost you more than the actual response you can get.

So What are the Most Effective Ways to Advertise a Gym?

Your goal is to attract the attention of potential customers, acquire their contact details, interact to make them understand that the gym is an answer to their need for health or wellness and that of all your gym is the best because it offers just what they need. For a gyms marketing strategy to be effective it doesn’t have to be randomly organised and requires constant work over time. So here’s what you can do.

  1. Open a website with blogs. It can increase your popularity in the industry and generate traffic from users potentially interested in your services and therefore receptive to your advertising messages. The name of your gym, if indexed, can rise in Google searches attracting new potential customers. You can also launch advertising messages that can be read by everyone, but especially by those who have subscribed to your newsletter or your page.
  2. Launch a social campaign. For example, create a Facebook page where you can create a community of people who can interact with each other and where you can share content. If you use in combination tools such as Facebook ADS you can generate paid traffic to your promotions or listings.
  3. Create a landing page. Unlike the site or blog where there are several navigable pages, the landing page is a single page where there is a call to action: potential customers who enter it can find a free resource that you have created in exchange for their contact details.
  4. Use email marketing as a contact tool with all those people who have given their consent through the landing page. This is an audience interested in receiving news from you, about active promotions and services you offer in the gym.

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