Here are the Best Marketing Strategies for Gyms

As the owner and manager of a sports center, one of the main tasks is to support your business and promote it with every possible means through gyms marketing strategies. But how to choose the right one? Among flyers, social media and web marketing campaigns you must find the right channel to engage and retain your target customers. Unlike in other industries, fitness marketing is not just about selling, it’s about conveying emotions and retaining customers. Communication must, therefore, be disengaged from the logic of sales, even if it understands the mechanisms.

Marketing Strategies for Digital or Traditional Gyms?

The marketing strategies for gyms still used many are word of mouth, leafleting, billboards and sending messages or newsletters to contacts collected by the reception. With respect to these traditional tools, it is fair to say that digital fitness marketing has assumed a predominant position. Sportspeople are always looking for up-to-date news, information on new training techniques, gyms where they can follow the new courses. In this regard, digital offers many channels to initiate good marketing strategies for gyms and increase the visibility of the sports center.

Creating a gym website is the first step. In a country like ours, where Internet users are currently about half of the population (and the figure is growing), all commercial activities must be present on the net. It is not enough, however, to open a site by creating a passive presence: if the user does not find the course he wants to follow in the time he prefers, he will never come to visit you. The site is the showcase of the gym and, as such, must communicate the values of your company and its mission. It must then be well organized so that it is clear, there is no overlap of information and users find it usable.

An active site is, then, useful to reach new customers this is done through three marketing strategies:

Search Engine Positioning

To make yourself known you must be among the first places of the searches carried out through the main engines. Users mostly click on the results of the first page, on some of the second, hardly get to the third. To be among the first, you need to contact a good webmaster.

Collection of Contact Data

When people visit the site we must take them to leave the contact details. This is possible by offering them something in return, such as a guest pass to enter the gym or a discount at one of the facilities in the center such as the restaurant or spa. Instead of leaving, then, the email contact of the gym is better to enter a contact form in which it is the user to leave his address to be contacted.

Use of Contacts

In the short to medium term you can monetize the contacts acquired to send free invitations or solicit users to take advantage of certain benefits. The addresses are included in the list to which to send a periodic newsletter, with news on the gym and also on training in general. All newsletters must then end with an invitation to go to the gym to join the community.

How important is the presence on social networks

Social networks are like amplifiers. The reasons for being on the various social networks with a page of the gym are different:

  1. Make new contacts. Whoever subscribes to your page is a user interested in what you publish and if he finds it interesting he will come to visit you physically.
  2. Target the public to whom to make known news, services and promotions. Your virtual community is ready to welcome your communications and exchange views on them. It is undoubtedly better to publish a message here than to launch a door-to-door flyer campaign that reaches a general audience where only a small percentage of people can turn into customers.
  3. Focus on brand awareness. Social media, if carefully monitored and used, can increase brand awareness by increasing the reputation of the gym and attracting new customers accordingly.
  4. Multiply visibility through user sharing.
  5. Create a community where you can launch events and continue to work on your customers’ user experience even when they are not at the gym.

Add to this the fact that all social channels are free of charge.

Are you Working Well or not?

To understand if your marketing strategy is effective you have several tools. Website statistics can help you understand where visitors come from and what topics they are looking for. You can then evaluate the number of contact requests you receive both through the site and through social media. Based on the information collected, in addition to understanding the progress of your marketing strategy, you can also understand if or how to change it.

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