Apple Watch Series 5: Everything runners need to know about the new device

The famous American company Apple has been producing some of the best gps watch for runners, which are very useful devices, including for runners. Recently, a new generation of Apple Watch Series 5 watches has appeared in the apple watch line. In connection with the release of the new product, we decided to tell you how this watch will be useful for runners.

New features

Apple’s new line of watches has added a lot of features that are really useful to people who run. First and foremost, it’s a screen that won’t go out. The display is always on, allowing the athlete to see all the necessary parameters without any additional action – no need to stop and raise your wrist to see your statistics.

In addition, this watch features that will help improve performance, even for experienced runners. So, special tactile signals will warn about changes in pace – if you start running faster or slower than the selected pace. The cadence index (SPM), which shows how many steps you take per minute, is a useful feature to improve your running technique.

Apple Watch Series 5

The new watch also has a “Sliding Pulse” function, which allows you to know the time of your current “split” at any time – how many miles you have covered the last kilometer by now. This feature will be useful for runners who are preparing for long distances and want to learn how to distribute their forces and run at approximately the same pace each kilometer of the distance.

There is another interesting indicator for runners. Previously, it was possible to know the number of flights of stairs past and the difference in height difference during outdoor training. However, Apple Watch Series 5 lets you know at any time what altitude you’re at right now. This feature will help athletes select new types of training for different heights, which will also help to increase results.

And it’s a great addition for those who like to work out on treadmills. The new Apple Watch can be connected to a compatible treadmill, allowing you to sync up your heart rate, speed, and calories. Thus, the data on the clock will always coincide with the information on the treadmill.

As with beginners, experienced runners will benefit from a feature such as “Trends”. Its purpose is to show how your performance has changed in recent years – the length of training, pace of running, cardio load and so on. Thus, the analysis of these indicators will help the athlete to understand whether he is moving in the right direction or whether he needs to change something in his training process in order to improve his performance.

Objectively speaking, the latest Apple Watch is actually a minor update to Series 4. Like the previous model, it has the same dimensions (40 mm and 44 mm), has the same expanded screen (which is easier to read than on Series 3), and has safety features. But the functionality that the developers have added to the device significantly expands the possibilities of using smart watches for the training process.


At the same time, despite all the good news in terms of functionality, Apple Watch also has disadvantages.

Apple Watch Series 5

However, there is another disadvantage for those who run marathons. The fact that the clock screen is now always on and GPS is constantly used, the battery charge is still not enough for a sufficiently long distance. Although Apple claims to be running for 18 hours, it’s not true when the screen is running and additional features are used. Of course, the display is always working – it’s convenient in terms of monitoring your performance during training, but it has a significant impact on the operating time of the device, objectively speaking, if you use the functions of the clock as much as possible, then you will have enough charge for about 3 hours.

Another problem with the watch is its heart rate sensor during operation. Experienced runners known around the world have done a lot of tests on previous versions of the watch and noticed problems with the inaccuracy of data changes. Of course, this is not a critical error, but the fact remains. In the new hours, the pro

blem with the accuracy of the sensor has not yet been solved. In normal life, the sensor works perfectly, but it is better to buy a special chest strap for measuring during loads.


And about the last problem with the use of the clock runners. As before, the Workout’s application has limitations of use, that is, Apple continues its policy of “planting” users on the devices of its corporation. This problem makes it difficult to transfer your data to sites such as Strava. The workaround is to use the RunGap application, which reads your activity data and can share it with various online learning logs. However, you need to do it manually – open the application, update your training sessions, click the “Share” button after each session.

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch Series 5


The Apple Watch Series 5 is a good fitness and running device that differs from brands such as Garmin, Suunto and Polar. Using the new product from the apple company is perfect for beginners, sprinters and semi-marathon runners, but for those who like to run longer distances, it’s still better to watch another model of watch.

And for those who already have an Apple Watch Series 4 – do not chase after a new toy, it is not worth it. The functionality of the previous generation watches is almost as good as the new one.